Youth Alliance for Green Ghana advocates intergenerational equity framework

Youth Alliance for Green Ghana advocates intergenerational equity framework
Youth Alliance for Green Ghana

A delegation from the Youth Alliance for (YAGG) has engaged with the Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) to advocate for the implementation of an Intergenerational Equity Framework Policy. The policy aims to ensure responsible environmental actions that do not disproportionately burden or undermine the well-being, resources, or opportunities of future generations.

The YAGG delegation, led by Mr. Johnson Ofori Oduro, Project Director of YAGG, stressed the importance of considering the long-term impact of policies, environmental practices, and resource management. The proposed policy would promote fairness, justice, and sustainability across generations.

Mr. Alfred Asiedu Adjei, the Presiding Member of the AMA, welcomed the delegation and expressed enthusiasm for the policy framework. He affirmed the AMA's commitment to addressing the effects of climate change, citing various projects related to climate action, such as the zero-waste strategy, clean projects, energy audit projects, and tree planting exercises.

The Presiding Member assured the delegation that the AMA would provide the platform for an official presentation to the entire leadership of the Assembly. He emphasized that the Assembly's projects were aligned with environmental sustainability goals, and he hoped Assembly members would support and own the proposed policy framework.

The YAGG is a national youth-led non-profit organization focused on mobilizing and building the capacity of youth for sustained climate and environmental activism in Ghana. The advocacy for the Intergenerational Equity Framework Policy reflects a commitment to ensuring responsible and sustainable environmental practices for the benefit of current and future generations.

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