‘Towel’ is nutritious but don’t abuse it – Nutritionist

Mr Wise Chukwudi Letsa, a Dietician and Author, has called for moderation in the consumption of tripe, popularly known as ‘‘towel'' in Ghana, though it is nutritious.

He said tripe was a good source of protein with hidden fats and called for moderation in its consumption.

Mr Letsa gave the advice in an interview with the (GNA) in .

Tripe is a type of organ meat made from the edible stomach lining of farm animals like cows and sheep.

It is tough in nature, has a chewy texture and is mild in taste.

Tripe is normally boiled and used in soup and stew delicacies.


In Ghana, it is usually used for stews and enjoyed with rice, ‘‘Tuo Zaafi with Ayoryor” soup and ‘‘Omo Tuo'' with a variety of soups, including groundnut.

Mr Letsa said ‘‘towel'' was found to increase cholesterol levels in humans, hence, urged people who were managing cholesterol not to consume it.

He, however, advised people who were free from cholesterol problems to consume “towel” in moderation to eliminate chances of having cholesterol issues.

The Dietician recommended that it must be eaten the right way; boiled properly and not fried.

Mr Letsa said it could cause gout, a painful form of arthritis because it has a chemical compound called purine.

Mrs Amina Mumuni Iddrisu, owner of a local eatery at Station, told the GNA that customers who visited her joint enjoyed ‘‘towel'' because of how well it was prepared.

She said it required thorough washing and cooking to be edible.

‘‘It is full of sand so if you don't it well, nobody can chew it. It is also very tough so it takes time for it to be boiled to become tender,'' she added

Mr Michael Ansah, a Logistics Officer, said he enjoyed the taste and that was all that mattered to him, however, he was ignorant of its health benefits and concerns.

Mr Ansah added that the price of ‘‘towel'' was cheaper than meat, which endeared him to it.

‘‘…Considering the economy, meat and fish have become expensive, so I buy ‘towel' in addition to other sources of protein,'' he said.

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