The wastefulness of the political system in Ghana frightens me

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Many didn't pay attention, but when IMANI opposed the new electoral register, our main reason was that the EC intended to trash thousands of devices in good condition. No one cared.

The Auditor General refused to conduct an asset audit of the existing EC biometric voting equipment to settle the issue of whether the country needed to spend $150m on new devices given the 1000s in stock of good condition. Finally, those devices have surfaced!

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After waiting for us to “forget” about the issue, the EC has quietly sneaked out the 1000s of devices purchased from 2016 to 2020 to a plant to “recycle” for cheap plastics & metals at a massive loss of millions of dollars! The & subsidise this conduct!

To throw away $150 million or so of equipment, many in perfect working condition, without a proper asset audit, just so you can push through fresh procurement is shameful & the clear reason why Ghana eventually went bankrupt & went to the , which seems happy condoning this.

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