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Tema West Municipal Chief urges assembly members to prioritize sanitation

February 13, 2024
Tema West Municipal Chief urges assembly members to prioritize sanitation
Ms Anna Adukwei Addo

During the inauguration of the third assembly of the West Municipal Assembly (TWMA), Ms Anna Adukwei Addo, the Tema West Municipal Chief Executive, emphasized the importance of improving sanitation in the municipality and urged newly sworn-in assembly members to play a proactive role in addressing this issue.

Ms. Addo stressed the need for collaboration between assembly members and the environmental health unit of the assembly to tackle the sanitation challenges facing the municipality. She highlighted the importance of maintaining a clean environment to prevent health-related problems associated with unsanitary conditions.

In addition to sanitation efforts, Ms Addo urged assembly members to assist in educating residents about the importance of paying tolls and fees, particularly property rates. She emphasized that revenue generated from these taxes is essential for funding developmental projects in the municipality.

Addressing developmental control, Ms. Addo encouraged assembly members and TWMA staff to ensure compliance with building rules and regulations to prevent the proliferation of unauthorized structures in the community. By promoting adherence to zoning and development guidelines, the municipality can effectively manage urban growth and maintain orderly development.

The inauguration ceremony saw the swearing-in of 16 assembly members, comprising 11 elected members and six government appointees. Her Worship Ms. Mabel Naa Lamiley Ahele, the magistrate of the Baatsonaa District Court, administered the oath to the assembly members.

However, despite efforts to establish the new assembly, members were unable to elect a presiding member after two rounds of voting, leading to a postponement of the election. This underscores the challenges associated with reaching a consensus on leadership roles within the assembly.

Overall, Ms. Addo's call for collective action to address sanitation issues reflects the municipality's commitment to improving the quality of life for its residents and ensuring sustainable development in Tema West.

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