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Technology is key to Ghana’s development growth – Dr Kludjeson

May 3, 2023
Technology is key to Ghana's development growth - Dr Kludjeson
Dr Kludjeson and Others

Dr Prince Kofi Kludjeson, the President of Celltel Networks Limited, stated that Ghana's comprehensive acceptance and assimilation of technology into the national development architecture is crucial to the country's growth.

Speaking at the - Industrial News Hub Boardroom Dialogue platform on “The New Global Economy and Technological Education” in Tema, Dr Kludjeson emphasized that adequate internet connectivity is critical to Ghana's reaping the benefits of technological innovation and digitisation.

According to Dr Kludjeson, Ghana's data connectivity is too low compared to voice connectivity, making it difficult for people to rely on it for education and health-related issues such as diagnosis, as is done in other digitalized economies.

He believes that with adequate technical investment in the country's many sectors, Ghana would significantly improve and flourish.

Dr Kludjeson, a Past President of the (AGI) and Chief Advisor for the Centre for Greater Impact Africa stated that technology was critical to citizen empowerment, and policymakers and members of must advocate the use of technology to increase the country's wealth, which would help solve Ghana's developmental and economic problems.

Despite Ghana's abundant resources such as gold and lumber, Dr Kludjeson lamented that the country had not produced anything.

He cited examples of introducing and teaching youngsters Information, Communication, and Technology in the absence of computers, with some improvising with stones and other items.

“Because education is expanding, we cannot deny them access to the internet.” “The policy prohibiting schoolchildren from sending phones to school must also be reviewed,” he said.

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