Stakeholders urge government action to address NHIS challenges

Stakeholders urge government action to address NHIS challenges

Stakeholders gathered at a zonal consultation meeting have emphasized the need for the government to tackle the challenges facing the (NHIS) and improve healthcare delivery. Despite recognizing the NHIS as a beneficial policy, stakeholders highlighted implementation gaps, particularly in catering to patients requiring specialized care such as dialysis and diabetes treatment.

These concerns were voiced at a town hall meeting organized by the STAR-Ghana Foundation in as part of its Manifesto Influencing Initiative for the 2024 general elections. The objective of the meeting was to provide a platform for stakeholders from various regions to discuss key issues affecting their communities, including health, education, and social protection.

One of the major issues raised was the need for the government to provide employable skills to beneficiaries of the () program, instead of relying solely on stipends. Stakeholders argued that this approach would help marginalized groups sustain themselves financially.

Additionally, stakeholders called for the establishment of a permanent program to support marginalized groups in society across successive governments. Participants also discussed challenges related to the implementation of the Free Senior High School () policy, particularly the significant financial burden associated with feeding programs.

Mr. Prince Debrah, an Assembly member, urged the government to prioritize the inclusion of disability-friendly facilities in public spaces, emphasizing the importance of accessibility for all members of society.

Dr. Ernestina Tetteh, Project Manager at STAR-Ghana Foundation, underscored the significance of political manifestos in shaping development plans and urged political parties to align their manifestos with the nation's development goals for progress.

The meeting highlighted the importance of addressing healthcare, education, social protection, and disability rights issues to foster inclusive development and improve the lives of all citizens.

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