Roads and Highways Minister Kwasi Amoako-Atta commends progress on Accra-Kumasi highway dualization

Roads and Highways Minister Kwasi Amoako-Atta commends progress on Accra-Kumasi highway dualisation

The Minister for Roads and Highways, Mr Kwasi Amoako-Atta, expressed satisfaction with the progress of work on the four bypasses as part of the - highway dualization project.

During his inspection of the projects, he commended the eight Ghanaian contractors for delivering quality work, emphasizing the government's commitment to promoting local content in project execution.

The four bypasses, namely the Osino Bypass, Anyinam Bypass, Enyiresi Bypass, and Konongo Bypass, are currently under construction for GH¢1.9 billion, covering a total distance of 45 kilometres. Mr. Amoako-Atta, accompanied by officials from the Ghana Highway Authority (GHA), interacted with the contractors to address their challenges firsthand.

The projects aim to reduce travel hours and congestion on the central corridor, with an expected completion period of 30 months for three of the bypasses and 36 months for the Konongo bypass. Current work includes demolishing and site clearing, earthworks, culverts and drainage, as well as concrete works.

Contractors identified common challenges, including low-hanging high-tension cables, existing deep galamsey pits, new galamsey activities in the Birim River, compensation issues, and difficulties in acquiring gravel material due to farms along the stretch.

Mr Amoako-Atta pledged to engage relevant stakeholders to find solutions, ensuring the smooth execution of the projects. He highlighted the importance of prioritizing national interest over other considerations. “The selection of eight different contractors to handle this project was informed by the fact that we wanted the work to be carried out simultaneously with the same speed,” he stated.

The Minister emphasized the government's commitment to building the capacities of local contractors, ensuring they can handle road projects of any magnitude in the country. He reiterated President 's promise to continue the dualisation of the Accra-Kumasi highway, assuring continuous support for local contractors in national development.

Mr. Amoako-Atta dispelled concerns about funding, affirming the government's determination to ensure sustainable financing for the project, and reassuring the public that the project would not face delays.

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