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PROFILE: Hon. Godfred Seidu Jasaw

Godfred Seidu Jasaw

Godfred Seidu Jasaw, born on March 14th, 1977, is an active member of the National Democratic Congress () and currently serves as the Member of for the Constituency in the Region.

A devout Muslim from JEYIRI, Jasaw boasts an impressive educational background, including a PhD in Sustainability Science (2016), an MSc in Social Policy (2007), and a BSc in Agricultural Economics (2005).

He also holds certifications in Science Teaching, Project Management (PRINCE 2), and Teaching.

Before entering , Jasaw made significant contributions to academia, serving as the Director and Lecturer at the . In Parliament, he actively engages in discussions within the Food, Agriculture, and Cocoa Affairs Committee, utilizing his expertise.

Additionally, Jasaw is a valuable member of the Appointments Committee, participating in deliberations on key appointments.

PROFILE: Godfred Seidu Jasaw

Biographical Information:

  • Full Name: Godfred Seidu Jasaw
  • Constituency: EAST Constituency, Upper West Region
  • Hometown: JEYIRI
  • Party: National Democratic Congress (NDC)
  • Date of Birth: Monday, 14th March, 1977
  • Religion: ISLAM

Political Background:

  • Member of Parliament: WA EAST Constituency, Upper West Region, representing the National Democratic Congress (NDC).


  • PhD (Sustainability Science): 2016
  • MSc (Social Policy): 2007
  • BSc (Agricultural Economics): 2005
  • Cert A (Science Teaching): 2008
  • PRINCE 2 Project Management (Managing Project): 2007
  • Certificate A (Teaching): 1998
  • : 1991

Professional Background:

  • Current Position: Director/Lecturer at the University for Development Studies.

Parliamentary Committees:

  • Food, Agriculture and Cocoa Affairs Committee: Member
  • Appointments Committee: Member

Questions asked

Asked the Minister for Fisheries and Aquaculture Development the legal basis for the operation of the GITA/MOFAD bank account at the First Atlantic Bank and who are the signatories.

Statements made

Debate on the message on the State of the Nation Address delivered by the President

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