Power crisis in Oti Region affecting mortuary operations poses health risk

Power crisis in Oti Region affecting mortuary operations poses health risk

The ongoing power crisis in the country has extended its reach to mortuaries in the Region, where decaying bodies due to lack of refrigeration pose health risks to residents.

According to Dr. Osei Kuffour Affreh, the Oti Regional Director of Health Service, the Krachi West Municipal Hospital mortuary is grappling with decomposing corpses as a result of electricity shortages to power the refrigerators. This dire situation not only affects the dignity of the deceased but also poses significant health hazards to the community.

Dr. Affreh highlighted that the hospital management has raised concerns with local authorities, including Nana Mprah Besemuna III, Krachi-Wura, and Mr. Patrick Bulator, the new Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), as well as the Regional Health Directorate. Despite their efforts, the lack of a consistent electricity supply persists.

Due to the high operational costs of running generators, the hospital has resorted to rationing power, further exacerbating the situation. Dr. Affreh emphasized the detrimental impact of the power outage on the quality of health services provided in the Municipality.

He revealed that the hospital spends over GH¢ 60,000 weekly to sustain essential services such as emergency care, theatre operations, admissions, blood storage, vaccine preservation, and refrigeration. The prolonged power outages have not only strained the hospital's resources but have also resulted in damage to vital equipment and machinery.

Dr. Affreh urgently appealed to CRIDCO and other relevant authorities to address the power crisis to prevent further deterioration of the situation. Swift intervention is crucial to safeguarding public health and ensuring the effective functioning of healthcare facilities in the region.

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