NHIA sets ambitious target of 20 million clients by end of December 2023

Dr. Mrs. Yaa Pokuaa Baiden, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of NHIA.
Dr. Mrs. Yaa Pokuaa Baiden, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of NHIA.

District managers and staff of the (NHIA) have been tasked with the goal of reaching 20 million clients by the end of December 2023, according to Dr Mrs Yaa Pokuaa Baiden, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of NHIA.

Dr Mrs Baiden, speaking at the NHIA-Greater Regional Blood donation exercise in Dome, , outlined plans to increase membership through the introduction of the “Ask My NHIS” Application, which will be easily downloadable by the public.

The blood donation exercise, conducted nationwide as part of NHIA's social corporate responsibility and themed “2D Blood Donation Exercise, 20 years of Care, One Pint at a time, Donate for Life,” commemorates NHIA's 20-year anniversary.

During the blood donation exercise, various medical tests, including sugar levels and malaria tests, were conducted, with medical officers and dieticians present to refer individuals for further medical treatment.

Dr. Mrs. Baiden highlighted NHIA's commitment to prompt and transparent payment to service providers, emphasizing constant engagement with stakeholders. She expressed the goal of making the one of the best in .

In addition to financial aspects, Dr. Mrs. Baiden emphasized NHIA's expansion of efforts beyond money collection and claims payment to saving lives through blood donation. She urged people to donate blood regularly to save lives, including pregnant women, patients on dialysis, and anaemic children.

Mr. Felix Tetteh, Blood Donor Recruiter at the National Blood Service Ghana, emphasized the health benefits of blood donation, including improved blood circulation and the body's ability to produce new cells. He noted the persistent shortage of blood due to higher demand than supply.

Dr. Obed Boamah, a Medical Doctor at the Community Hospital, Ashongman Estates, reported that the medical screening identified individuals with high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels. He encouraged adults to undergo periodic medical checkups and take advantage of medical screening opportunities for better health.

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