NCCE urges public to reject candidates who don’t prioritize peace ahead of 2024 elections

NCCE urges public to reject candidates who don't prioritize peace ahead of 2024 elections
NCCE Chairperson Ms. Kathleen Addy

The Anloga District Office of the () in the has called on the public to reject any political candidate who does not prioritize peace in the run-up to the 2024 general election. According to Madam Emmanuella Woelikplim Afetorgbor, the Assistant Civil Education Officer at Anloga, promoting peace is crucial to preventing disturbances before, during, and after the polls.

Madam Afetorgbor emphasized the need for citizens to serve as ambassadors of peace and to collectively reject candidates who fail to promote and embrace peace. She highlighted the importance of protecting vulnerable groups such as children and women, who are often at risk during election-related violence.

Furthermore, Madam Afetorgbor underscored the importance of educating the public about the principles and objectives of the 1992 Constitution, emphasizing its role in safeguarding everyone's rights and liberties. She urged individuals to defend the Constitution against any form of abuse or violence.

The NCCE officer stressed the significance of societal values like peace, patriotism, unity, respect, and empathy for national development. She called on eligible voters to support candidates who prioritize job creation, opportunities, and individual tolerance.

Madam Afetorgbor appealed to various stakeholders, including chiefs, political parties, corporate organizations, heads of institutions, and individuals, to serve as peace ambassadors and create a conducive environment for all. She also urged journalists to avoid biased reporting on political issues and to promote peace as the Fourth Arm of Government.

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