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MOG Music explains Grammy Awards disqualification

November 16, 2023
MOG Music
MOG Music

, Ghana – Ghanaian gospel singer has opened up about the reason behind his exclusion from the list of nominees for the 2024 Grammy Awards.

Despite submitting his work for consideration in the Gospel Album of the Year category, MOG Music revealed a promotional mishap led to his disqualification.

In an interview with Accra-based Hitz FM, the acclaimed gospel singer admitted to an error in his promotional efforts, which inadvertently violated Grammy rules.

MOG Music had hoped that creating a buzz online would catch the attention of Grammy Academy members.

“The main reason why I started making noise about my consideration was because I felt it was a big deal,” he explained. “When Ghanaians start making noise online, there are other Grammy Academy members who may see it and add me to their consideration.”

The issue arose when a promotional flyer shared on by his team displayed the official Grammy logo incorrectly. MOG Music acknowledged the mistake, saying, “My social media handler made a mistake and put the official logo of the Grammys, and it got posted.”

Despite the quick removal of the erroneous post, the damage was done, leading to his disqualification. MOG Music took responsibility, stating, “Some Ghanaians drew my attention to it, and we quickly took it down, but it was too late. That is what went wrong on my side; it's a mistake that my team made, and I take the bullet for myself.”

In light of this setback, MOG Music urged Ghanaians to be more supportive of local artists striving for international recognition, emphasizing the need for unity instead of criticism.

“I think we need to be very supportive. Rather than laughing at and co., we should be more united so these people will realize there is a group supporting Ghanaians,” he urged.

Despite the disappointment, MOG Music's experience highlights the importance of adhering to Grammy rules in the pursuit of international recognition. The 2024 Grammy nominations, announced on Friday, November 10, saw Nigerians dominate with five artists receiving nominations, followed by two South African singers.

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