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Minority warns against AirtelTigo takeover without Parliamentary approval

February 10, 2024
Minority warns against AirtelTigo takeover without Parliamentary approval
Samuel Nartey George

The Minority in has issued a stern warning to potential investors, particularly foreign interests, against pursuing any takeover of AirtelTigo without the necessary Parliamentary approval. They assert that such a move would be considered an international agreement subject to oversight by Parliament.

During a session in Parliament, Samuel Nartey George, the Deputy Ranking Member on the Communications Committee, emphasized that any deal to sell AirtelTigo must be promptly presented to Parliament by the Communications Minister, -Ekufful. Failure to do so would render the agreement null and void under Ghanaian law.

Mr George cautioned foreign investors to exercise caution, highlighting that purchasing assets without parliamentary approval would not be legally recognized within the country. He emphasized the need for adherence to Ghanaian laws, asserting that any violation would be subject to scrutiny and potential consequences.

Furthermore, Mr George stressed that the minority side of the communications committee would provide comprehensive information to the media, ensuring transparency regarding the sale of AirtelTigo. He reiterated that the deal cannot proceed without Parliament's official involvement.

The concerns raised by the minority extend to the substantial debts owed by AirtelTigo, including nearly GH₵200 million owed to a tower company in the country. Mr George questioned the implications of these debts in any potential deal, emphasizing the need for clarity on how they would be addressed.

Overall, the Minority in Parliament insists on parliamentary oversight and scrutiny of any deal involving AirtelTigo, citing legal obligations and financial considerations that must be addressed before proceeding with any takeover.

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