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Mental health condition is real – Abena Korkor’s roommate writes

December 7, 2023
Abena Korkor
Abena Korkor

For the many years that I've known you1 and shared a Uni dormitory, and as friends for a good 11 years, I've never publicly defended your actions.

However, it's time for people to see beyond the controversies surrounding you.

You are a beautiful, kind, and prayerful introvert. I recall the mornings when you were overshadowed by public focus on your struggles.

is a harsh reality, and, unfortunately, our society tends to judge those experiencing it. Some actions may seem unrealistic, but the struggle is real.

The condition is more severe than perceived; one can forget oneself, act out, and then return to sobriety with regret.

I urge everyone to watch “When Colors Fade.” Abena, in her sober state, is a kind and very loving innocent individual facing challenges.

Despite her efforts, she faces judgment from those who question her struggle.

She gets worried about the things she's going through, and yet again, we have people who will say, “Are you the only bipolar patient in Ghana?

Abena, in due time, you'll find healing. Hold on, endure; your breakthrough is near.

I become exhausted and emotional at times when I see all the potential in you yet all those potentials have been reduced to ridiculing by the public because of your condition.

I've witnessed your earnest attempts at improvement through therapy, medication, and prayers.

Despite public perceptions, God is the ultimate healer. No matter how deliberate you see their actions to be, the condition is real and deadlier than we perceive.

The condition is a killer of dreams, joy, life, etc. I happened to live with one, but he's of loving memory.

When he starts, the only thing is to insult, nothing else. He insults everyone living in the community, including his biological parents.

This person doesn't do drugs! Even when he drinks, he sleeps, but when he wakes up, you're all in trouble. The condition differs for each patient. Be kind!


  1. The author, Stella Aku Amevi, according to her Twitter bio, is a humanitarian, human rights activist, women in peacebuilding and conflict resolution advocate ↩︎

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