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Management of Ghana Bauxite Company to expand production, create jobs

March 24, 2022

The newly appointed Management Board of the Ghana Bauxite Company says it is poised to turn the fortunes of the company around by increasing production through strategic administration.

The yet-to-be-inaugurated Management would replace that of Bosai Minerals Group of , which had been managing the company's Awaso Bauxite mine in the Region since 2010.

Ghana Bauxite Company

The mine currently produces about 1.5 million tonnes of bauxite a year and is among the world's best deposits of high alumina (52 per cent) and low silica (1.5 per cent) bauxite ore.

At a short handing-over ceremony in , the new Management, headed by Mr Ofori Poku, said they were poised to increase the current production level to more than two million metric tonnes per year.

Briefing the media after the ceremony, Mr Poku said the company was ready to embark on a massive expansion project to increase production and create thousands of direct and indirect jobs, particularly for the Ghanaian youth.

He said: “We are bringing in modern equipment that can give us the higher mining productivity targets. Then we also look at areas like building new tailing dams. We are thinking of adding more value to our washing plants that will enable us to more and produce more.”

He indicated that Management would also do expansions at the Port with the government's newly built dry bulk jetty and a highly efficient shipping loading structure is going to be completed in July this year, to load a lot of on the Bauxite vessel.

He said: “Currently we are doing about 60,000 tonnes within one week. But with the expansion that the government is undertaking at the port, we can load about 200,000 tonnes of Bauxite within three days, which means we are going to cut down a lot of costs. 

When you cut down cost you are going to see a rise in your gain margins which brings a lot of profit.”

The Board Chairman said it had become necessary for a lot of expansion in the area of stockpiling to equally match what the government had done through state-of-the-art equipment to get more inflows.

He disclosed that the Board was also looking at getting the Bauxites refined since it was the vision of the government to add value to the Bauxite.

He said: “What we are seeking to do is to facelift the Bauxite mines in terms of adding new equipment, technology infrastructure, and the requisite expertise to be able to manage and handle it.” 

Mr Poku indicated that the team would give a facelift to its staff bungalows, recreational and entertainment centres, including the Golf Park, and Club House and have a gym facility to serve staff and community members.

He added: “We are looking at engaging in responsible mining, taking into account the fact that it is the environment of the people, the local indigenes, and ensure that we get them the necessary social amenities to boost economic activities and livelihoods in the town.”

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