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Let’s unite to fight dangers caused by anti-personnel mines—Ambrose Dery

February 14, 2024
Let’s unite to fight dangers caused by anti-personnel mines—Ambrose Dery

Mr , Ghana's Minister for the Interior, called upon member states of the Economic Community of West African States () and nations within the Sahel region to unite in addressing the humanitarian crises caused by improvised anti-personnel mines. Speaking at the opening ceremony of a three-day Regional Conference in , Mr Dery emphasized the need for constructive dialogue and collaboration to tackle this pressing issue.

The conference, organized by the National Commission on Small Arms and Light Weapons, along with the Convention's Implementation Support Unit, aimed to provide a platform for West African and Sahel-region States Parties to exchange information on the impact of improvised anti-personnel mines and explore solutions within the framework of the Convention on the Prohibition of Anti-Personnel Mines.

The Convention, considered the cornerstone of international efforts to end the suffering caused by anti-personnel mines, seeks to address the devastating toll these weapons exact on civilian populations and hinder socioeconomic development.

Mr Dery highlighted the importance of global solidarity and collective commitment in addressing humanitarian challenges posed by anti-personnel mines. He commended the Conference for reflecting Africa's commitment to tackling this issue.

The (EU) Ambassador to Ghana, Mr Irchad Razaaly, affirmed the EU's support for the universal ban on land mines and pledged political and financial assistance to the Convention. Dr Ly Thuch, Senior Minister of Cambodia and current President of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention, urged African signatory states to encourage other nations to join the Convention.

Madam Margaret Arach Orech, Founder and Director of the Landmine Survivor Association, emphasized the need for collaboration among African states to address the surge in new victims caused by continuous conflicts. She called for awareness-raising and assistance for victims at various levels of government, civil society, and the private sector.

The conference concluded with a commitment from participants to support each other and remain focused on salvaging the world from the destruction caused by improvised anti-personnel mines. It underscored the importance of international cooperation in protecting lives and ensuring the human rights of survivors.

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