Military intervention in Niger will lead to needless deaths – Africans Rising cautions ECOWAS

Africans Rising, a Pan-African movement, has issued a strong condemnation of the recent military takeover in . The movement expressed deep concern over the unfolding situation, which saw soldiers, primarily from the presidential guard, seize President Mohamed Bazoum on July 27.

This resulted in the dissolution of Niger's constitution, the suspension of institutions, and the closure of national borders.

President Bazoum remains in the custody of the presidential guard since the takeover. In response, Africans Rising has called on international and regional bodies, including the Economic Community of West African States () and the , to initiate constructive dialogues with relevant stakeholders to ensure peace and stability in Niger.

Emphasizing the importance of peaceful resolutions, the movement expressed disagreement with threats of military intervention from some ECOWAS member states.

They cautioned against such actions, stressing the potential loss of innocent lives and further destruction in the country.

Africans Rising also advised European and Western powers to avoid interfering in African states' internal affairs. The movement rejected the idea of using Africa as a battleground for proxy wars between competing powers.

They asserted Africa's sovereignty and independence, highlighting that the continent should not be treated as an extension of any other country or continent.

“We must resist any moves that will make or any part of Africa the theatre of war by proxy between competing powers. It is very important for external powers from West and East to steer clear of Africa's internal affairs and desist from making reckless statements hinting at military action. We will not tolerate any such rhetoric. Africa is not the extension of any other country or continent.”

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