Africa Education Trust Fund commends Zennith Bank founder Jim Ovia’s appointment as Chairman of the Nigerian Education Loan Fund

Africa Education Trust Fund commends Zennith Bank founder Jim Ovia's appointment as Chairman of the Nigerian Education Loan Fund
Mr Jim Ovia

The Africa Education Trust Fund (AETF) has extended its congratulations to Mr Jim Ovia, the Founder of PLC, on his recent appointment as the Chairman of the Nigerian Education Loan Fund (NELFUND). This appointment, according to the AETF, signifies a significant milestone for both Mr. Ovia and the advancement of education in and across Africa.

In a statement issued by Professor Goski Alabi, Company Secretary of AETF, and copied to the , Mr Ovia's extensive experience in the financial sector and his unwavering commitment to social development were highlighted as key factors that make him exceptionally suited for this pivotal role.

The AETF, a private sector-led initiative sponsored by the Pan-African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PACCI) in Addis Ababa, , and the African Private Sector Summit (APSS) in , Ghana, reiterated its dedication to transforming the education landscape in Africa. Founded in 2022, the AETF aims to raise an initial funding of $2 billion to catalyze the much-needed transformation of educational infrastructure, curriculum development, and capacity building across the continent.

The statement emphasized that the AETF, as a non-governmental organization committed to advancing education across Africa, seeks to address systemic challenges through strategic partnerships and innovative initiatives. It highlighted the importance of education as the cornerstone of progress and prosperity, asserting that by investing in education, the continent invests in its future.

The AETF expressed its readiness to collaborate with Mr. Ovia and NELFUND in revolutionizing access to education by providing financial support to deserving students. The NELFUND aims to ensure that no individual is deprived of quality education due to financial constraints.

As the AETF congratulates Mr Jim Ovia on his new role, it also aims to raise awareness of its mission among the Nigerian population. Through collective efforts, the AETF believes that tangible and sustainable change can be achieved in education, empowering individuals and communities to thrive.

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