La community gives three-week ultimatum for land clarification

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La community gives three-week ultimatum for land clarification: Ghana News

The Coalition of La Associations (COLA) has issued a three-week ultimatum to the La Traditional Council to provide an update on the status of the 114 acres of “reclaimed” Kpletso lands from the Military.

The coalition warned that failure to do so within the stipulated time frame would result in a series of actions, including demonstrations.

The La Traditional Council conducted “traditional rites” on September 22, 2023, signifying the reclamation of 114 acres of land from the Ghana Military base in . This land was part of the 350 acres being reclaimed by the traditional council from the Military.

Following a subcommittee ruling by the government, 114 acres were designated for release to the Council, while the remaining 236 acres were retained by the Military for development purposes.

However, the Military swiftly denied relinquishing the 114 acres of land to the people of La on September 27.

Subsequent efforts by traditional authorities to clarify the matter were interrupted after government officials engaged with the Council.

COLA spokesperson Mr. Jeffery Tetteh expressed frustration with the lack of transparency and truthfulness from traditional authorities regarding the reclaimed Kpletso lands and other lands being sought by the community.

He accused the authorities of being aligned with the government to take land that rightfully belonged to the people of La. Tetteh warned that if the leaders failed to address the issue satisfactorily, the coalition would initiate a series of actions, including demonstrations.

Mr. Tetteh also voiced concern over the prolonged delay in the reconstruction of the , which was demolished in March 2020.

He urged the government to fulfill its promises and commence reconstruction or release the land for community-led efforts.

“We are asking the government to release the land; we have spoken with investors willing to assist in reconstructing . If we secure the land, we will bring in investors to help with the project,” he added.

  • Reporting by Benjamin A. Commey: Editing by Adewale Adejoke

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