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I will win gold for Ghana – Ghanaian boxer Samuel Takyi

March 22, 2024
I will win gold for Ghana - Ghanaian boxer Samuel Takyi
Samuel Takyi

Ghana's Samuel Takyi is poised for gold as he heads into his final bout in the men's lightweight division at the 13th on Friday, March 22, 2024.

The determined athlete, affectionately known as the “Ring Warrior,” demonstrated his prowess by defeating his South African opponent, Masamba John Paul, thus enhancing his prospects of clinching the top prize.

In an interview with GNA Sports, the Olympic medalist expressed his confidence, stating, “I have trained very hard to come this far, and as I have always promised, I am taking gold.” Takyi emphasized the significance of this opportunity to bring honour to his homeland, highlighting his aspiration to replicate the success he achieved with a bronze medal at the 2020 Games.

Expressing gratitude to his supporters for their unwavering encouragement, Takyi acknowledged the pivotal role they played in his journey.

Takyi, alongside four other Ghanaian athletes, is determined to secure gold medals for Ghana in their respective final bouts.

Ghana's performance in the 13th African Games has been commendable, amassing a total of 50 medals, comprising 11 gold, 23 silver, and 16 bronze medals.

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