GPRTU considers increasing transport fares over Emissions Levy implementation

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GPRTU considers increasing transport fares over Emissions Levy implementation

The Ghana Private Road Transport Union () has hinted at a potential increase in transportation fares in response to the implementation of the Emissions Levy Act, 2023 (Act 1112). Despite the government's aim to curb carbon emissions through the levy, the expressed dissatisfaction, stating that the additional cost would likely be transferred to passengers.

In a recent interview with JoyNews, GPRTU spokesperson Abass Imoro disclosed that despite discussions with the Finance Minister and the Transport Minister, the emissions levy tax was implemented, exacerbating the existing challenges faced by transport unions.

Imoro explained, “We explained to him [Finance Minister] and he said if that is the issue, then, of course, he will look at what to do about it. So if nothing has been done and today the implementation has taken place, we won't say much other than to add it to the new fares we are working on.”

The GPRTU had previously suspended a proposed 20 percent fare hike in January, following interventions from the Transport Ministry. However, with the implementation of the emissions levy tax, the union is reconsidering fare adjustments to cope with the financial impact.

Meanwhile, the is gearing up to petition the (GRA) over what they perceive as an unjust imposition of an emissions levy on its members. The association contends that the government should have engaged with them to gather opinions before implementing such a levy.

Highlighting the financial burden on Okada riders, the association stressed the need for the government to address their concerns and reconsider the specified levy amount. They affirmed their intention to petition both the government and the GRA to seek a resolution to the issue.

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