Government urged to settle tier-two pension arrears to avert unrest

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Government urged to settle tier-two pension arrears to avert unrest: Ghana News

Mrs. Perpetual Ofori-Ampofo, Secretary of the Health Sector Occupational Pension Scheme (HSOPS) Board of Trustees, has called upon the government to promptly settle the ten-month arrears owed to the scheme's tier-two contributions.

Speaking at the launch of the HSOPS mobile application in Senchi, near , Mrs. Ofori-Ampofo emphasized the detrimental impact of the unpaid arrears on scheme members, particularly those nearing retirement.

“The failure to remit deductions taken from beneficiaries at the source has left the scheme in dire straits,” she stated, highlighting the urgency of the situation.

She further warned of potential unrest and demonstrations should the arrears remain unpaid, stressing the need for swift action from the government and the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA).

Mrs. Ofori-Ampofo appealed for expedited payments to alleviate frustration among members and ensure continued participation in the tier-two pension scheme.

Echoing her sentiments, Dr. Derek Amoateng, Chairman of the HSOPS Board of Trustees, emphasized the importance of the newly launched mobile application in addressing payment issues and providing transparency to beneficiaries.

He highlighted the app's accessibility and user-friendly interface, noting its potential to empower members to monitor their funds and seek timely resolutions to any payment discrepancies.

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