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Humanity First, Ahmadiya Mission support flood victims in Krachi East

November 13, 2023

Humanity First Ghana, in collaboration with the Ahmadiya Mission, a non-governmental organization, has supported some community members along the River who were devastated by the recent flooding.

The relief items include gallons of cooking oil, sleeping mats, gari, bags of sugar, and bags of rice.

Mr. Sulleman Samui Ankamah, the Regional Representative for both Volta and Oti Regions, presenting the items on behalf of the organizations, said the donation forms part of the Foundation's aim to support the deprived in society.

He hopes the donation will go a long way to relieve the plight of the affected victims. He expressed the foundation's concern about the disaster's effect on the citizens and urged to donate the materials to supplement government efforts.

Mr. Ibrahim Nti Mualim, Municipal Representative of the Ahmadiya Mission, urged people of the state to remain united and promote a cordial relationship irrespective of religion and political affiliations.

He said the joint organizations are collaborating with their donors to rebuild on high ground where there is a chance to lift up the entire settlement to Agbasa community.

He explained that rebuilding in areas away from risks would offer families better infrastructure and new homes that are more energy-efficient.

The beneficiaries thanked the Foundations for their kind gesture and showed compassion towards them.

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