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GIPC CEO addresses investor concerns on proposed anti-LGBTQ+ bill impact on investments

The Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (), Yofi Grant, has responded to an investor's concerns regarding the potential impact of Ghana's proposed anti-+ bill on investments.

This exchange took place during an Economic Counselors Dialogue.

The investor expressed worries about how the anti-LGBTQ+ bill might negatively affect investment in Ghana, considering the liberal landscape and global discussions surrounding LGBTQ+ rights.

Mr. Grant addressed the issue by recognizing the dynamic nature of culture and the importance of navigating cultural nuances to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties involved.

He emphasized that culture is ever-evolving and highlighted the diverse cultural perspectives on various societal norms.

Drawing a parallel between the acceptance of LGBTQ+ rights in the Western world and the acceptance of polygamy in Ghanaian culture, Yofi Grant underscored the significance of understanding and respecting different cultural viewpoints.

He explained that just as Ghanaians may question why the West does not endorse or accept polygamy, it is crucial to engage in dialogue and negotiate cultural nuances to find common ground that benefits everyone.

“Culture is dynamic, and in today's liberal world, discussions about LGBTQ+ issues have become commonplace. Similarly, Ghanaians may wonder why the West does not endorse or accept polygamy, which is widely accepted in our culture,” he stated.

“It's a matter of negotiating cultural nuances for the mutual benefit of all,” he added.

On July 5, 2023, adopted the motion for the passage of the anti-LGBTQ+ bill, receiving support from all 275 Members of Parliament.

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