Ghana’s religious community urged to embrace contemporary technology

Ms Lilly Braine-Jesuane, Leader of Akim Asena's Moral Entrepreneurial Group, has recommended to the religious community to use contemporary technology to improve their communication and livelihoods.

She said, “digitalization is a gift from God.”

As a gift from God, she said it was essential for them to consider adopting contemporary technology in the discharge of their duties and performance of religious activities, especially in .

In an interview with the (GNA), Ms. Braine-Jesuane explained that technological gadgets were interventions that aimed to make things easier for humans, such as facilitating student studies and improving work performance for higher production.

She also stated that people may multitask, particularly allowing students and workers to combine their studies and responsibilities with religious or church activities.

“It is, therefore, beneficial for religious members to reach out to their leaders and co-members for healthy communication and participation of any activities in their absence by the use of phone and other digital gadgets,” she said.

Ms Braine-Jesuane however noted that it was sad that some religious members, rather than utilizing technology to their advantage, always create excuses for their inability to use digital equipment and media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

“Meanwhile, the same people can be assisted by friends and relatives to get internet services when it comes to connecting their families outside their communities through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,” she said.

As a result, she counseled every religious member to trust in their faith and think that any obstacles to the use of technology in church operations, whether financial or scientific, could be overcome.

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