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Ghana signs Visa Waiver Agreement with the Commonwealth of the Bahamas

February 23, 2024
Ghana signs Visa Waiver Agreement with the Commonwealth of the Bahamas

In a move aimed at enhancing diplomatic relations and facilitating ease of travel, the Republic of Ghana and the of the Bahamas have entered into a Visa Waiver Agreement. The agreement, signed recently, applies to holders of Diplomatic, Service, and Ordinary Passports from both nations.

The and Regional Integration of Ghana received formal notification of this development through a note from the Embassy of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, dated January 31, 2024. This communication serves to inform relevant Ghanaian aviation authorities, airline companies, and services about the signed agreement.

The primary objective of this visa waiver is to address challenges and inconveniences faced by travellers between Ghana and the Bahamas who may not be aware of the new arrangement. By waiving visa requirements for passport holders from both countries, the agreement seeks to streamline travel procedures and promote closer ties between the two nations.

The Government of the Bahamas has expressed its commitment to ensuring that the relevant authorities and service providers in Ghana are informed about the agreement. This proactive approach aims to prevent any disruptions or misunderstandings that may arise during travel between the two countries.

Attached to the notification is a copy of the Visa Waiver Agreement, outlining the terms and conditions for the exemption of visa requirements. It is imperative that all Officers-in-Charge (OICs) of entry points and relevant sections take note of this information and implement the terms of the agreement accordingly.

This development reflects the ongoing efforts of the Ghanaian government to strengthen diplomatic relations and promote international cooperation. By facilitating easier travel between Ghana and the Bahamas, the visa waiver agreement is expected to benefit individuals, businesses, and tourism industries in both countries.

The Ministry of urges all stakeholders to comply with the directives outlined in the notification. Any inquiries or requests for clarification regarding the visa waiver agreement can be directed to the Ministry for further assistance.

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