Freddie Blay denies allegations, threatens legal action against CSOs calling for his resignation

Freddie Blay, the Chairman of the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (), has vowed to take legal action against 29 (CSOs) calling for his resignation.

The CSOs are criticizing the decision to sell a 50% stake in Jubilee Holdings Limited (JOHL) to PetroSA.

In a statement, Mr. Blay expressed his disappointment over the call for his resignation, as well as that of GNPC CEO, Opoku Ahweneeh Danquah.

He stated, “CSOs are expected to protect the interests and rights of civil society, seek the public good and national interest. Instead, the 29 CSOs that have called for my resignation chose to engage hastily in this matter without seeking the facts, and rather misinform the public, in pursuit of ulterior motives and vested interests.”

Mr Blay further asserted, “I have taken due note of the libellous statements against me by my detractors, including the said CSOs, and reserve the right to take legal action against these organizations and anyone engaged in this diabolic exercise of destroying my name and reputation.”

The demand for Mr Blay's resignation arises from GNPC's plan to sell a 50% stake in JOHL to PetroSA, despite the significant revenue potential this interest holds for the state.

Abdul Karim Mohammed, the Coordinator for the coalition of CSOs, expressed concerns about the continuous presence of Mr Blay and Mr Ahweneeh Danquah, who are closely associated with petroleum operations, stating that it poses significant risks to Ghana's interests.

The CSOs involved in the call for resignation include the Africa Centre for Energy Policy (), the Centre for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana), the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers Ghana (COPEC), the Imani Centre for Policy and Education, and 25 others. They have accused the two men of working against the interest of the state.

In response, Mr Blay refuted the allegations regarding the supposed secretive and scandalous sale of GNPC shares. He emphasized that there is no intention by GNPC or himself as the Chairman to divest the 7% shareholding in JOHL, nor has PetroSA made any claim to acquire shareholding interests in JOHL.

He dismissed such claims as coming from uninformed and malicious sources.

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