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Football fans stage protest for revival of national team

February 14, 2024
Football fans stage protest for revival of national team
Save Ghana Football demonstration

witnessed a passionate display of discontent today as hundreds of Ghanaian football fans took to the streets in a demonstration aimed at addressing the perceived decline in achievements of the nation's football teams. Organized by a group of sports journalists, the protest, known as the “Save Ghana Football Demo,” seeks reforms to revitalize the sport, which holds a special place in the hearts of many Ghanaians.

Commencing their march at Obra Spot, the protestors voiced their concerns over the recent underwhelming performance of the senior national team, the , at the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations. Carrying placards bearing messages such as “Decline in our juvenile football – Sika Di Basabasa,” “Lack of Vision,” and “Our Domestic League has collapsed,” the demonstrators highlighted various aspects of Ghana's football ecosystem that they perceived as needing urgent attention.

The protest route winds through the principal streets of Accra, drawing a heavy security presence as the demonstrators aim to present a proposal for football reforms to the Sports Authorities. With the passion and fervour characteristic of Ghanaian football culture, the protestors are demanding concrete measures to address the challenges facing the sport at both national and grassroots levels.

The demonstration underscores the deep-rooted significance of football in Ghanaian society and the collective desire for a resurgence in the country's footballing prowess. As the protestors march in unity, they send a clear message to stakeholders that the revitalization of Ghanaian football is not just a matter of sport, but a vital component of national pride and identity.

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