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Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta commends GCB Bank’s 70 years of excellence

August 3, 2023

Ghana's Finance Minister, Mr. , has applauded GCB Bank Plc for its consistent innovation and outstanding services across various demographics, acknowledging its leadership in the banking sector.

Speaking at the launch of GCB Bank's 70th-anniversary celebration in , Ofori-Atta highlighted the bank's pivotal role in fostering Ghana's socio-economic growth.

He said, “GCB bank has earned its rightful place as Ghana's most welcoming indigenous bank with the requisite empathy that is required to serve our people.”

The anniversary activities include a health walk, and corporate social responsibility initiatives, and culminate in awards and a candlelight dinner.

Ofori-Atta commended GCB Bank's journey, noting its milestones such as rebranding as GCB Bank in 2014 and becoming the first bank listed on the in 1996. He urged the bank to continue investing in technological infrastructure for customer-centric digital solutions and cybersecurity.

“I urged GCB to see it through its biblical mandate which is a good person lives an inheritance for their children's children; GCB must remain to protect the worth for generations to come as in proverbs 13:22,” he said.

“The bank's transformative impact on the everyday life of Ghanaians cannot be understated, cannot be forgotten, and must continue to be a partner, a facilitator and an enabler in our quest for a prosperous future.”

“As we mark this milestone the GCB Bank must draw inspiration from Isaiah 43:19 by doing things that would create opportunities for Ghana's growth in the stream in the desert in the face of this economic uncertainty that we face as a developing country and continue to face in this global challenging world,” he stated.

Mr. Kofi Adomakoh, the Managing Director of GCB Bank, emphasized the bank's commitment to liberating individuals and businesses, promoting state institutions and industries over seven decades. Adomakoh underscored GCB's resilience in supporting Ghanaian businesses, aiming to foster African champions and expand beyond Ghana's borders.

“The likes of Kasapreko, PMMC, Blue Skies, Niche Cocoa, Star Oil and Safari Valley Resort and many more corporate and SMEs are on the verge of attaining commanding height due to the intentional and deliberate support, finance and governance GCB is providing them.” he said.

“We are doing this knowing very well that only Ghanaians will build Ghana.”

He indicated that over the years the bank has also strategically increased its investment in the retail business in tandem with the growth in disposal income of individuals, saying; “Through our innovative digital channels we successfully catered for our discerning customers and we will continue to do so to enable us to reach our promise land.

“We ought to be very proud of our 70th-anniversary celebration as GCB Bank remains the only corporate/private partnership that has chalked success even in times of economic downturn. We will do well to remember the depth we started,” he said.

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