Equip state media with advanced technology – Dr Ernest Ansah urges government

Equip state media with advanced technology - Dr Ernest Ansah

Dr Ernest Ansah, Founder of Data Link Institute and Technology, emphasized the critical importance of upgrading state media equipment to meet contemporary challenges.

Speaking on the topic, “Transformation of the media landscape from the analogue age to the digital age; the role of training institutions,” Dr. Ansah underscored the significance of providing state media with modern tools for effective journalism.

“The lack of modern equipment is a setback for media personnel in state media,” Dr. Ansah told the .

Despite having well-trained professionals, state media face challenges adapting to evolving media practices, he noted.

To compete on an international level, media houses must be digitally equipped to swiftly gather, process, and disseminate news, Dr. Ansah emphasized.

In the era of rampant fake news on , state media plays a crucial role in ensuring the swift delivery of authentic and verifiable news to the public.

Dr Ansah stressed the necessity of modern tools such as high-spec mobile phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, and news processing applications. He advocated for regular upgrades to prevent obsolescence and to meet the dynamic needs of journalists.

Dr. Ansah called for partnerships between media houses and training institutions. This collaboration, he argued, would address the practical needs of aspiring journalists, ensuring the continuity of quality news content. He also urged journalists to stay updated on new trends and incorporate into their work to remain relevant in the profession.

Mrs. Ingrid Ansah, Co-Founder of the Data Link Institute of Business and Technology, urged institutions to bring industry professionals into teaching roles.

Mrs Ansah emphasized that practical examples from industry players would significantly enhance the training of journalists, better preparing them for the field.

Expressing concerns about academic performance versus practical skills, Mrs Ansah remarked that a significant number of high-achieving students struggled in the field due to a focus on rote learning and cheating rather than practical training.

Mr. Francis Ameyibor, Regional Manager of Ghana News Agency , added his voice to the discussion, emphasizing the need for a robust collaboration between state media and the corporate world.

According to Ameyibor, leveraging the large corporate profile, extensive geographical coverage, and professional human resources base of state media could facilitate win-win partnerships with the corporate sector, ensuring consistent capacity building and the provision of necessary logistics.*

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