Eastern Regional Minister assesses aftermath of tragic clash in Kwahu-Bepong

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Eastern Regional Minister assesses aftermath of tragic clash in Kwahu-Bepong

Mr Seth Acheampong, Chairman of the Eastern Regional Security Council (REGSEC) and Regional Minister, led a delegation to -Bepong to evaluate the aftermath of a tragic clash between police officers and a distressed crowd. Accompanied by Mr. Emmanuel Atta Ofori, the Municipal Chief Executive of -South, Deputy Commissioner of Police Isaac Asante, members of the Kwahu South Municipal Security Council, and other officials, the team sought firsthand information regarding the incident, which resulted in the loss of three lives and significant property damage.

During the visit, Mr Acheampong commended the professionalism and swift response of the security agencies in managing the situation. He emphasized the importance of stakeholder support in achieving lasting peace and called on all parties to contribute to efforts aimed at reconciliation and stability.

Expressing relief at the sight of normalcy returning to the area, Mr. Acheampong remarked, “I am happy to see everybody going about their normal business. There are traders at the market, and all that as if nothing has happened.”

The team's itinerary included visits to Beponghene, where they assessed the damage at the Palace, the site of the incident. They also met with the families of the two deceased siblings to offer condolences and support. Additionally, meetings were held with officers at the Bepong Police Station to gather insights, followed by a visit to the Atibie government hospital to inquire about the medical condition of the injured victims.

The visit underscores the commitment of regional authorities to addressing and resolving conflicts swiftly and effectively, while also promoting community engagement and support in the pursuit of peace and stability.

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