Community Development Alliance advises youth to report suspicious characters to security agencies

Mr Salifu Kanton, Executive Director of Community Development Alliance (CDA), has reminded Ghanaian youth about the insecurity situations in neighbouring countries that pose a potential threat to Ghana's peace.

He called on them to be vigilant and report any suspicious individuals to security agencies and community leaders.

Mr Kanton emphasized this during an engagement session on “preventing conflicts and violent extremism in Ghana” organized by the Municipal Office of the () with funding from the .

Addressing the youth, Mr Kanton urged them to maintain a sense of nationalism and patriotism and resist being swayed by monetary or material considerations that could jeopardize the country's peace.

He emphasized the importance of avoiding marginalization, stereotyping, and tribal divisions, encouraging them to embrace diversity and recognize their shared destiny for the growth and development of the nation. He also cautioned against religious and ethnic tensions, as well as vigilantism, which could disrupt the existing peace.

Mr Kanton expressed concern about the divisive nature of extreme partisan and political radicalization, highlighting how these factors divide Ghanaians and create an environment in which terrorists can exploit to cause harm.

He called for mutual acceptance, respect for different religions, and increased attention to gender diversity as important elements for sustainable peace.

ASP Alhaji Bawah Abdul Jalil, the Wa Municipal Police Commander, spoke about preventing violent extremism and urged community members to establish Community Watchdog Committees to collaborate with the police in their efforts.

He emphasized the responsibility of everyone to ensure sustainable peace and development by reporting any suspicious activities to the appropriate authorities or community leaders.

Mr Frederick Bondong, the Wa Municipal Director of the NCCE, explained that the forum aimed to raise awareness among youth groups in the municipality to collectively address the threats of violent extremism and terrorism.

He cautioned young people against blindly following theories, principles, or doctrines of individuals with hidden motives that could disturb the peace for personal gains.

He encouraged them to exercise restraint and engage in dialogue to find peaceful solutions to challenges, regardless of the severity of the circumstances.

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