Coalition of Muslim Organisations Ghana calls for speedy passage of “Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Value Bill”

The Coalition of Muslim Organisations Ghana (COMOG) has urged the speedy passage of the “Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Value Bill” currently before .

COMOG stated that as a member of the “Coalition on Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values” which included other faith-based institutions, they were committed to protecting the sanctity of Islam, its cultural values, and the welfare of children.

Hajj Abdel Manan Abdel Rahman, the president of COMOG, emphasized their obligation to prevent the practice of gay and lesbianism and its associated activities in Ghana.

COMOG pledges support for the bill's passage Mr. Rahman revealed that the group was committed to supporting individuals, especially members of parliament, who were sponsoring the bill to ensure its speedy passage.

He emphasized that the group remained nonpartisan in their efforts to protect Ghana's cultural values and children's future.

Call to action for political delegates COMOG urged political delegates to elect candidates who were against the act in the upcoming primaries. The group called on all crusaders against the practice and promotion of LGBTQI+ to remain resolute in their struggle and wished them the best of luck.

The Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values Bill seeks to ban LGBTQI+ activities in the country. The bill has been a subject of debate and has generated mixed reactions from the public.

Some have criticized it, saying it violates the fundamental human rights of individuals. However, others have argued that the bill will protect Ghana's cultural and moral values.

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