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Chief Justice urges Judges to uphold principles of law and integrity

January 31, 2024
Chief Justice urges Judges to uphold principles of law and integrity
Justice Gertrude Sackey Torkornoo

The Chief Justice of Ghana, Justice Gertrude Sackey Torkornoo, has called on judges to uphold the principles of the law, maintain integrity, and conduct their duties with impartiality. Justice Torkornoo emphasized that this commitment to fairness is essential to encourage people to seek redress through the courts, ensuring that the justice system remains a beacon of hope.

Speaking at the inauguration of a district court in Pusiga, Region, the Chief Justice, represented by Justice Gbiel S. Suurbaareh, stressed that justice must be blind and judges should remain steadfast in their commitment to fairness. The event's theme was “Improving Justice Delivery through Community Engagement.”

Justice Suurbaareh used the occasion to educate participants on the functions of a district court. He encouraged local chiefs to actively engage in resolving land disputes among their subjects to promote peace and order in their chiefdoms. Emphasizing the invaluable nature of legal principles, he suggested that chiefs dispense justice impartially, imposing reasonable fines on parties involved in disputes.

The District Chief Executive (DCE) of the Pusiga District Assembly, Mr. Zubeiru Abdullai, welcomed the inauguration of the court, noting that it brought justice closer to the people. He urged residents not to resort to vigilantism but to use the court for redress when aggrieved. Mr Abdullai expressed hope that the court's staff would adhere to justice principles, fostering confidence and trust in the community.

Naba Tambiis-Baaluk-Kunwiak Ibrahim Aguuri, the chief of Pusiga, expressed gratitude for the establishment of a judicial delivery system, fulfilling a long-held desire of the people. He commended the DCE for his efforts in the area.

The event highlighted the importance of community engagement in justice delivery and the need for local authorities to actively participate in dispute resolution. The newly inaugurated court is expected to contribute to improving access to justice in the Pusiga District.

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