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Canadian Murder: Seven-member jury constituted to quick start trial

February 28, 2024
Canadian Murder: Seven-member jury constituted to quick start trial

A seven-member jury has been selected to commence the trial of Safina Mohammed Adizatu, accused of murdering her Canadian boyfriend, Frank Kofi Osei, in July 2022 at Ashaley Botwe. The court presided over by Mrs Justice Lydia Osei Marfo, empanelled the jury after Safina rejected three initially proposed jurors. Safina, also known as Safina Diamond, has pleaded not guilty to the charge of and is currently out on bail.

The court, constrained by time, adjourned the proceedings to March 7, 2024, where it will hear the addresses from both the prosecution, led by Nana Ama Adinkra, and the defence counsel, Samuel Alesu-Dordzi. Additionally, a Case Management Conference will be conducted on the same day.

The state plans to call nine witnesses, including Michael Fiifi Ampofo Arku, who was initially standing trial as an accomplice but was later released based on the 's recommendation.

The incident occurred on Sunday, July 24, 2022, when Frank Kofi Osei visited Safina at Ashaley Botwe. Allegedly, Safina, Arku, and other accomplices stabbed and strangled Osei during the night. They then purportedly cleaned the scene before dumping Osei's body at the gate of the house. Safina subsequently called the police, claiming her boyfriend had died in her room, leading to her arrest.

The trial is set to unfold in the coming days as the court proceeds with the legal proceedings.

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