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Bono Minister expresses worry about region’s increasing spousal murder cases

December 13, 2022

Madam Justina Owusu-Banahene, the Bono Regional Minister has described as worrying the threat of spousal cases recorded in the region from  June to November 2022.

She stated within a period of six months, the region recorded 17 cases of that incident, saying it was so abhorring and wondered why lovers turned to become enemies who could not settle their issues but ended up killing themselves.

Madam Owusu-Banahene expressed concern when she addressed the Bono Regional members at their end of year general meeting in .

She said couples in the olden days could stay happily in marriage for decades to take proper care of their offspring but the reverse was the case nowadays because partners even forgot that they had ever expressed love for each other but all they could do was destroy their lives. 

Madam Owusu-Banahene said the saddest aspect of the situation was where either the man or woman killed the partner and for fear of being arrested to face prosecution also committed suicide without thinking about the welfare of the children they were leaving behind.

She, therefore, appealed to residents in the region, particularly couples to assist in complementing the efforts of the Regional Peace Council, the Regional Security Council, and other stakeholders to maintain the prevailing peace in the region to pave way for holistic and accelerated progress.

Touching on the menace of bush fires, Madam Owusu-Banahene implored traditional leaders to begin to sensitise their people about its dangers as a preventive measure to reduce the level of destruction of lives and particularly properties this time.

She added the dry season, an enabling environment for bush fire occurrence had begun, hence, effective education and sensitisation against the hazard could help in reducing it in the region now and beyond.

Madam Owusu-Banahene further called for the assistance of the chiefs to check and deal with the “disturbing issues of land guards which is gradually creeping into the region,” so that it would not escalate to affect the peaceful atmosphere being enjoyed by then people.

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