Be mindful of your social media posts; “The ghost of today will be your future tomorrow; – Emefa Apawu cautions

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Emefa Apawu
Emefa Apawu

Broadcast journalist, Emefa Apawu, has cautioned the youth to be mindful of what they post on various platforms.

This, according to her, is because “the ghost of today will be in your future tomorrow.”

“You would get married one day, you would want to have children one day, would you want your children to come and see the things you're doing today?

Will you be proud of the things you're doing today?

You need to know today that what you do today will chase you tomorrow.

The ghost of today will be in your future tomorrow” she cautioned in an on Gangaa FM on Monday.

Madam Emefa Apawu expressed concern about the trend in the country whereby some young girls use , Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc to put themselves out there in a negative light by “twerking and slay queening.”

“…you need to think twice about the things that you're doing and putting on today.

Twerking will not take you far. Nudity will not take you far.

What you put on the internet will be there for years to come because the internet never forgets.”

She added that “The men out there will watch today when you put out the when you dance.

Yes, they will praise you but when it comes to choosing a woman, they will not choose you.

So please, use Technology wisely because being a woman, it is hard to get into a lot of professions.

So you've seen other women do it, you can also do it. Nudity is not the way to take you to the top. Slay Queening will not take you to the top.”

She, therefore, urged the youth to seize the opportunity provided by technology through social media to put themselves “out there in a positive and not a negative way.”

She mentioned America and the where social media platforms such as channels are used positively by the youth.

“Here, we're making beads. We know how to do it. It's an opportunity for you to start a business online.

For , if you have access to your phone, all you need is the phone with your friend videoing you making beads.

“You can have Basics of making beads and putting them out there on YouTube, and once you have that channel, it starts growing and you start getting advertisements for it. This is an opportunity for you. Use Technology wisely and not just to show yourself out there,” she stated.

She also advised that youth, particularly females, focus on their books noting that the knowledge gained from reading will pay off.

She recounted that “In our days, we didn't have access to phones. We didn't have access to technology.

If we did, I'm sure that we would have been, maybe at the UN.

We would have been somewhere because we would have had the opportunity to put ourselves there.”

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