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Banker faces second trial for alleged embezzling customer funds, details of intricate scheme emerge

December 25, 2023
A shot of Tarkwa township

Edmond Nashiru, a 30-year-old banker currently facing trial at the Circuit Court for dishonestly appropriating money from a bank customer, has found himself back in the same court on a strikingly similar charge.

Nashiru, who pleaded not guilty, has been remanded into prison custody pending further proceedings.

The recent case revolves around Felicity Acquah, a rotational nurse residing in New Atuabo, who discovered unauthorized withdrawals totalling GH¢9,781.00 from her savings account at the Tarkwa branch of the bank where Nashiru serves as a front desk officer.

Chief Inspector Joseph Lartey, the prosecutor in the case, outlined the sequence of events leading to the charges.

On November 6, 2023, Felicity reported the suspicious transactions to the Tarkwa Police after receiving mobile alerts about the debits. Subsequent inquiries led her to Nashiru, who allegedly attributed the loss to fraudsters.

In response to Felicity's complaint, a court order was obtained on November 16, 2023, compelling the bank's management to provide detailed transaction information.

The bank's audit department, in its subsequent report to the police, implicated Nashiru in the theft.

According to Chief Inspector Lartey, the investigation revealed that Nashiru utilized his cell phone to transfer the embezzled funds to two MTN numbers.

Nashiru allegedly admitted to assisting Felicity in installing a banking application on her phone, subsequently obtaining her login details.

To cover his tracks, Nashiru purportedly tasked his brother, who is currently evading authorities, to procure two Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards.

The stolen funds were intentionally deposited onto these cards, and both SIM cards were discarded afterwards to avoid detection.

The court has adjourned the case to Thursday, December 28, 2023, for further proceedings, as Nashiru faces a second round of legal scrutiny for alleged financial impropriety.

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