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Attorney General warns against mob justice; meets family of late Major Mahama

February 1, 2024
Attorney General
Attorney General meets family of late Major Mahama

Godfred Dame has emphasized that mob justice will not be tolerated in Ghana, emphasizing that individuals cannot take justice into their own hands to punish victims. The statement came during a meeting with the family of the late Major Maxwell Adams Mahama, who was brutally murdered in 2017. Dame expressed gratitude to the prosecution team for their efforts, and the family visited to express appreciation.

In a recent development, an High Court found William Baah, a former Assemblyman, and 11 others guilty of the of Major Mahama. They were convicted of charges including abetment to murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and murder. The court sentenced them to life imprisonment.

During the meeting with Major Mahama's family, Attorney General Dame stated that the sentencing would serve as a deterrent against future incidents of mob justice. He acknowledged the reforms and amendments made to the country's criminal justice system and expressed the government's commitment to fighting violence.

The late Major Maxwell Adams Mahama, an officer of the , was mistakenly lynched by residents of Denkyira-Obuasi in the in May 2017, who mistook him for an armed robber. The recent court decision and the AG's statements highlight the commitment to justice and the prevention of vigilante actions in the country.

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