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5th anniversary of Ahmed Suale’s murder: UPDN urges urgent action, accountability

January 16, 2024
Ahmed Suale
Ahmed Suale

Today marks the solemn occasion of the fifth anniversary of the tragic of investigative journalist Ahmed Hussein-Suale Divela, a dedicated member of Tiger Eye P.I.

Ahmed Suale lost his life in a ruthless act of violence on January 16, 2019, sending shockwaves throughout the journalistic community in Ghana and around the world.

Ahmed was shot twice in the chest and once in the neck by faceless assailants riding motorcycles, in a blatant attack on press freedom and the pursuit of truth.

His untimely death occurred just months after the groundbreaking investigative documentary “Number 12: When Greed and Become the Norm,” led by celebrated undercover journalist Mr. .

United Press for Development Network (UPDN) stands in solidarity with the family, friends, and colleagues of Ahmed Hussein-Suale Divela on this solemn occasion. The organization remembers Ahmed not only for the fearless journalist he was but also for the impact his work had on fostering transparency, accountability, and ethical journalism.

The tragic events of that fateful night serve as a stark reminder of the challenges journalists face in their pursuit of truth. The attack on Ahmed Suale echoes the broader threats against press freedom and the dangers faced by investigative journalists who strive to expose corruption and wrongdoing.

UPDN expresses deep disappointment and dismay at the lack of progress in bringing the perpetrators of this heinous crime to justice. The organization is particularly concerned about the apparent lack of urgency and commitment demonstrated by key authorities in resolving this case.

The Director-General of the Criminal Investigation Department, DCOP Faustina Agyeiwaa Kodua Andoh, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr George Akuffo Dampare, Information Minister , , and President Nana Addo Dankwa are called upon by UPDN to prioritize the investigation into Ahmed Suale's murder.

Ghana, often hailed as the shining star of democratic values and free speech credentials in Africa, has seen a decline in its world press freedom ranking. This tragic incident and the subsequent lack of progress in ensuring justice serve as a stain on Ghana's reputation as a beacon of democratic principles.

As the 2024 Parliamentary and Presidential elections approach, UPDN issues a stern warning against any form of press assault and media brutality in Ghana. The organization firmly believes that when you touch one journalist, you touch all journalists. UPDN's commitment to defending the rights and safety of journalists is unwavering, and they will not countenance any act that undermines the essential role of the media in a thriving democracy.

UPDN calls for immediate and transparent action to bring the perpetrators of Ahmed Suale's murder to justice, reinforcing the values of democracy, free speech, and press freedom that Ghana has long championed on the African continent.

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