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We still educate public on Covid-19 vaccines – Mr Evans Zineyele

October 14, 2023
We still educate public on Covid-19 vaccines - Mr Evans Zineyele
Covid-19 vaccine

Mr Evans Zineyele, Municipal Disease Control Officer, has disclosed that his outfit continues to wage relentless public education to demystify misconceptions surrounding vaccines.

He said they also educate the public on the importance of vaccination against the disease as well as the benefits of being vaccinated.

Mr Zineyele in a phone interview with the (GNA) disclosed that about 6,608 people had been targeted in the Municipality for the fifth National COVID-19 Vaccination Day campaign.

The campaign, which began on December 14 is expected to end on December 18, 2022.

Mr Zineyele said while they continued to educate the public and ensure that people, who never had a jab got vaccinated, they were also making sure that people, who already had a jab, got their second doses and boosters.

He said doubts about the existence of COVID-19 coupled with the easing of restrictions continued to enforce people's beliefs which they were working hard to demystify.

Mr Zineyele said the vaccine was meant to build the body's immunity against any unforeseen circumstances since Covid-19 could resurface as experienced worldwide.

He said some concerns were that the vaccines were expired adding that health workers were there for the general population and would not administer expired vaccines.

Mr Zineyele said the vaccines had undergone a series of clinical tests and procedures to ensure that they were safe for the human system before being approved for use.

He said other concerns raised which had been tackled had to do with the side effects of the vaccines administered.

Mr Zineyele said one benefit of getting vaccinated is the opportunity to travel beyond the shores of the country since a requirement was for one to possess a COVID-19 vaccination card.

He said it was the hope that the target would be met and called on the public to avail themselves to be vaccinated.

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