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Vice President Dr Bawumia announces plans for Saudi-backed medical university, 42 SHSs in Northern Ghana

Vice President Dr Bawumia announces plans for Saudi-backed medical university, 42 SHSs in Northern Ghana

In a significant development, Vice President Dr. has revealed plans for the establishment of a medical university in the of Ghana.

The initiative is part of a broader program supported by the Saudi government, encompassing the construction of 42 Senior High Schools (SHSs) across the nation.

During an event commemorating Eid ul-Adha at the Independence Square, Dr. Bawumia expressed the potential impact of this move on the educational landscape, particularly for aspiring students from marginalized communities.

“I'm also glad to announce that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has accepted another proposal by the Government of Nana to establish a Medical School in the Northern Region of Ghana,” Dr Bawumia stated.

He emphasized the positive opportunities this program would offer to talented students from Zongo and other underserved communities, addressing the financial barriers that often impede dreams of pursuing medical careers.

The Vice President underscored the government's commitment to creating more opportunities for disadvantaged communities, with a particular focus on the ‘Zongos.'

Establishing a medical school in the North aligns with this vision and is expected to alleviate the shortage of healthcare professionals in the region.

“Establishing a Medical School will significantly reduce the scarcity of doctors and other medical personnel in the northern part of the country,” Dr. Bawumia affirmed.

He highlighted this initiative as part of a broader strategy addressing healthcare, education, vocational skills, sanitation, and infrastructure development within the Zongo communities through the .

Additionally, Vice President Bawumia called on Muslim youth to be vigilant and report any potential threats to the peace of the nation.

“We should remain vigilant in our communities and neighbourhoods,” he urged, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding Ghana's reputation as an island of peace in a turbulent region.

The announcement marks a pivotal step towards advancing educational and healthcare opportunities in the Northern region, aligning with the government's commitment to holistic development and inclusivity.

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