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USA expresses interest in strategic partnership to develop Ghana’s nuclear technology

October 14, 2023
USA expresses interest in strategic partnership to develop Ghana's nuclear technology
Ghana and USA flags

The of America has recently expressed its strong interest in establishing a strategic partnership with Ghana to support the country's nuclear development.

Ann K. Ganzer, the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Non-proliferation Policy at the Bureau of International Security and Non-proliferation in the United States Department of State unveiled this exciting prospect during a meeting.

Ganzer highlighted the existing understanding of nuclear cooperation between Ghana and the USA, indicating the foundation upon which this partnership can be built.

The aim of this collaboration is to assist Ghana in becoming a regional leader in small modular reactors (SMRs) by leveraging the advanced technology and expertise possessed by the United States.

In the meeting, Ganzer emphasized the USA's commitment to assisting Ghana in independently developing its nuclear capabilities. This demonstrates the intention to empower Ghana rather than seeking to operate its nuclear power plant.

Prof Dickson Adomako, the Deputy Director General of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, expressed gratitude for the warm reception and the opportunity to explore US laboratories and facilities.

He commended the US delegation for providing an educational and informative experience that expanded Ghana's understanding of nuclear technologies.

The meeting showcased the multidimensional support that Ghana can anticipate from the USA, as it was attended by key representatives from various US departments, including Benjamin Brown, Peter Newman, Gisele Irola, Chelsea Bergesen, Laura Schmidt Dentinger, Anna Warner, and Gabriela Del Canto. Their presence underscores the depth of support that Ghana can expect from the strategic partnership.

This alliance holds great potential to expedite Ghana's progress in the nuclear field, propelling the country to a leadership position in SMRs within the region. By leveraging the advanced technology and commitment to capacity building provided by the United States, Ghana can realize its nuclear aspirations, simultaneously achieving its energy goals while ensuring self-reliance and sustainable development.

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