Upper East GNAT chapter calls for improved work environment for teachers

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Upper East GNAT chapter calls for improved work environment for teachers: Ghana News
Madam Ivy Betur Naaso, the Regional Chairperson of GNAT

The Regional Chapter of the Ghana National Association of (GNAT) has urged stakeholders to establish a conducive work environment for to enhance their effectiveness.

The chapter highlighted that the conditions in which teachers work significantly impact their ability to deliver quality education.

To achieve high-quality education, it emphasized the need for adequate Teaching and Learning Materials (TLMs) to be readily available for teachers.

Madam Ivy Betur Naaso, the Regional Chairperson of GNAT, stressed that teachers are prepared to bring about change and instill discipline in pupils if provided with the necessary tools and a suitable environment.

Speaking on the theme “The Teachers We Need for the Education We Want: The Global Imperative to Reverse the Teacher Shortage,” during the Regional celebration of World Teachers Day in Kanjarga, Madam Naaso expressed appreciation for the recognition and praise that teachers receive from the government and stakeholders. Still, she emphasized that it was time for the government to go beyond words of praise and meet teachers' needs.

She drew attention to the high student-teacher ratio in some areas, with one teacher responsible for as many as 190 pupils, far from the ideal situation where one teacher should handle a maximum of 40 students.

The Chair of GNAT also raised concerns about the stress teachers face, noting that stress-related issues were leading to teachers' untimely deaths. She called for urgent action to address these challenges.

Mr. Johnson Baba Atogse, a Teacher at the Fumbisi Senior High/Agriculture School, presented the keynote address at the event.

He revealed that in 2023, there were 198 Primary and Kindergarten (KG) teachers compared to 7,961 Primary/KG pupils in the District.

Additionally, at the Junior High School () level, 127 teachers were responsible for 2,360 pupils, while 114 teachers handled 1,866 students at the Senior High School level.

Mr. Atogse emphasized the need for action to address the situation, noting that it had severe consequences for education.

Mr. Daniel Kwame Gariba, Chief Executive for the area, praised teachers for their vital role in the education sector, emphasizing that they are the backbone of the sector. He commended their contributions to education and children's development in the country.

He assured them that the government remained committed to ensuring access to quality education nationwide.

  • Reporting by Godfred A. Polkuu: Editing by Adewale Adejoke

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