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Twenty community climate change reporters undergo mentorship

February 15, 2024
Twenty community climate change reporters undergo mentorship
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In , 20 youth climate reporters, selected from Savelugu, Nanton, Tolon, and Kumbungu districts in the , convened for a collaborative meeting with media houses. Facilitated by the GoAdapt project, implemented by a consortium including Changing Lives in Innovative Partnerships (CLIP), YEFL-Ghana, and Ghana Venskab, the initiative aims to enhance climate reporting skills and awareness.

These reporters will undergo coaching sessions led by experienced media practitioners covering various aspects such as news gathering, writing skills, reporting techniques, radio presentation, and reporting. Supported by funding from CISU, the GoAdapt Project focuses on inclusive climate adaptation planning, fostering awareness, and building resilience among vulnerable communities.

Mr. Nurudeen Ibrahim, the GoAdapt Project Coordinator, stressed the importance of collaboration between climate reporters and media to effectively report on climate change issues. He highlighted that attaching reporters to media organizations directly would enhance their skills and professionalism.

Mr. Yaro Ismail Kataali, Manager of Might FM/TV, encouraged continuous learning and research among reporters, particularly on climate change and sustainable practices. He emphasized the significance of building strong relationships with communities to gather relevant information for project implementation.

One of the climate reporters, Mr. Mohammed Hudu from Tolon, expressed gratitude for the initiative and pledged to utilize the partnership to enhance his reporting skills.

The meeting underscores the commitment to empowering youth reporters to effectively communicate climate change issues and contribute to building resilient communities.

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