Take folic acid, not herbal medicine, when pregnant – Midwife

Take folic acid, not herbal medicine, when pregnant – Midwife
A pregnant woman

Women have been advised to start taking folic acid immediately after pregnancy is confirmed and to stay away from herbal medicines to reduce maternal mortality.

Ms Ruth Sally Kodam, a Senior Midwife at the General Hospital, popularly known as Midwife Sally for her activities towards maternal mortality reduction, in an interview, said consuming herbal medicines could be injurious to foetus formation.

She said in case it was necessary for pregnant a woman to take herbal medicine, she must ensure it had been approved by the .

She stated that, unlike herbal medicines, folic acid among other medications provided at the antenatal clinic was a food supplement that could not harm the foetus.

It was very important, especially in the first trimester of gestation, for pregnant women to take folic acid as it helped with the organ formation of the foetus and cell distribution, Ms Kodam said.

He advised first-time pregnant women to either join a pregnancy group or get a professional birth coach and regularly attend antenatal clinics for safe delivery and a healthy mother and baby.

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