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Sonnie Badu responds to claims he faked his injury for publicity

Sonnie Badu injury

Renowned for his impactful gospel music, Sonnie Badu found himself under scrutiny as sceptics claimed he orchestrated the injury as a promotional strategy for his upcoming concert, ‘Sonnie Badu Live In Concert – Rhythms of Africa.'

On Saturday, November 9, 2023, the artiste took to his official Facebook page to respond to these accusations and set the record straight.

In a heartfelt statement, Sonnie Badu shared his perspective on the alleged injury and expressed gratitude for the support he received.

Badu began by addressing those who doubted the authenticity of his injury, stating, “To those who said I faked my injury, I pray it never happens to you; it is only by grace that I am still alive. It simply means my assignment is not done yet on earth.”

He went on to clarify the circumstances surrounding the incident, emphasizing that he chose to persevere despite the challenges.

Sonnie Badu acknowledged the emotional support from his wife, children, and parents, expressing gratitude for their unwavering encouragement.

Sonnie Badu's message conveyed resilience and determination, assuring his fans that he would give his best performance at the upcoming concert.

He addressed the expected changes in his stage presence, acknowledging the impact of the injury on his usual energetic performances.

The gospel artiste thanked his team for their support during the challenging period, highlighting their dedication.

He concluded the statement by inviting fans to the concert, expressing excitement about the opportunity to create a musical experience that goes beyond entertainment.

The ‘Sonnie Badu Live In Concert – Rhythms of Africa' is scheduled for December 9th, and Badu encouraged fans to secure their tickets for what he anticipates to be a historical live experience.

The event aims to contribute to the rise of gospel music in Ghana, reinforcing the artist's commitment to making a positive impact through his musical journey.

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