Queenmother of Dededo takes action to address teenage pregnancy

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Queenmother of Dededo takes action to address teenage pregnancy
Mamaga Abla Migbloevor II

Mamaga Abla Migbloevor II, the newly enstooled Queenmother of Dededo in the Tsito Awudome Traditional Area, , has embarked on initiatives to tackle the issue of teenage pregnancy in her community.

Expressing concern over the high rate of school dropouts among young girls due to teenage pregnancy, Mamaga Migbloevor II emphasized the need for swift intervention by traditional authorities to address the situation.

She outlined plans to collaborate with relevant stakeholders to organize sensitization programs aimed at enlightening teenagers about the negative impacts of teenage pregnancy and empowering them to make informed choices.

Mamaga Migbloevor II reiterated her commitment to nurturing young girls in the area to become future leaders of the country, emphasizing the importance of preventing teenage pregnancy to ensure their educational and personal development.

However, she lamented the current reality where many potential female leaders were forced to drop out of school due to teenage pregnancy, highlighting the urgency of addressing this issue.

Mamaga Migbloevor II called upon parents and guardians to actively engage in the lives of their children and wards to prevent teenage pregnancies.

Togbe Davor II, the Chief of Dededo, pledged his full support for Mamaga Migbloevor's efforts to curb teenage pregnancy, emphasizing the importance of her role in accelerating development in the Traditional Area.

He welcomed Mamaga Migbloevor II and expressed confidence in her ability to contribute positively to the growth and development of the community. Togbe Davor urged the people of Dededo to rally behind Mamaga Migbloevor II and support her initiatives for the benefit of the area.

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