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Progressive People’s Party calls for constitutional amendments on 30th anniversary

January 8, 2024
PPP calls for constitutional amendments on 30th anniversary: Ghana News
Mr. Felix Mantey, the Director of Communication for the PPP

The Progressive People's Party (PPP) has emphasized the necessity of amending the 1992 Constitution, marking 30 years since its promulgation, to enhance the governance system in Ghana.

The party asserts that a comprehensive review is imperative to address aspects that may hinder the advancement of democracy in the country.

Mr. Felix Mantey, the Director of Communication for the PPP, highlighted key areas for revision, including the election of Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) and the complete separation of powers.

Other focal points for amendment involve the detachment of the Office of the from the Ministry of Justice, the introduction of a Public Declaration of Assets Regime, and clarification on the eligibility of Ghanaians in the Diaspora to hold public office.

Speaking to the in during the national on January 7, Mr. Mantey emphasized that celebrating the Constitution Day holds little significance until pertinent aspects are amended to align with the developmental goals of the nation.

He underscored the importance of reviewing Article 243, which pertains to the election of MMDCEs, to prevent executive abuse of power and ensure a clear separation of powers between the executive and legislative branches. This, he believes, would facilitate 's oversight responsibilities over the executive.

Furthermore, Mr. Mantey called for the separation of the Ministry of Justice from the Office of the Attorney-General, stating the need for an independent figure to prosecute crimes committed by government officials.

“It is important that the Minister of Justice, who is the government lawyer, is not the same person who is the people's lawyer, and prosecuting crimes in the country,” he remarked.

He also advocated for the introduction of a public declaration of assets and liabilities, a measure aimed at combating effectively.

While acknowledging the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) initiated by a Presidential Commission of Inquiry in 2010, Mr. Mantey expressed disappointment in the lack of implementation of the CRC's recommendations by successive governments.

“The massive amount of money invested in the Constitutional Review exercise must not be allowed to go waste,” he asserted.

“It shall remain a scar on the conscience of right-thinking Ghanaians if these fundamental changes and many other brilliant recommendations contained in the CRC's report continue to gather dust.”

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