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Paediatric Society of Ghana launches project to improve good environmental practices

August 5, 2023
Paediatric Society of Ghana launches project to improve good environmental practices
Paediatric Society of Ghana

The Paediatric Society of Ghana (PSG) has launched a project and outdoor Environmental Ambassadors to promote good environmental practices to improve the quality of health of the Ghanaian child.  

The Project, dubbed: “Earth Project” seeks to empower the next generation to attach importance to the environment.   

The launch is taking place in all the regions and targeted at school children and expected to instill the principles of good sanitation and hygienic practices in them.   

It also aims to promote quality healthcare through advocacy, research, knowledge sharing, and awareness creation about the health challenges children face.  

Dr Hilda Mantebea Boye, the President of PSG, said the idea was initiated during the PSG's 2022 annual general meeting, which saw the need to create awareness of environmental health and good practices among children to prevent some of the sicknesses that affected them.  

“We are beginning to see the effect of air pollution in our hospitals with various respiratory problems, though the full extent of the problem is unknown it is there.”   

The event was themed: “Environmental Health and Children's Well-Being: A Shared Responsibility”.  

Dr Boye said the project was crucial because even though the government and individuals were doing their part, it was not enough, as such, more needed to be done to make the environment safe.  

Dr Emmanuel Oppong, the PSG Vice President, explained that the Environmental Ambassadors, all pupils, would be empowered under the project to help lead the charge by highlighting the importance of tree planting, environmental conservation, organising tree planting activities, and promoting cleanliness in their communities.   

“We cannot continue to sit in the hospital and wait for children to come with various illnesses hence the initiative to tackle environmental pollution to cause a behavioural change,” he said.  

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